It’s time to reset our lives in the age of pandemic

Just like everyone in our region I have a purpose. A job I go to every day. My business is the business of Long Island. We keep our fingers on the pulse & heartbeat of Long Island business every day.

If you are a regular Long Island Business News reader you already knew that. Our goal is investigating new business trends and keeping you up to date on the different sectors important to our economy, such as politics, healthcare, finance, law, tourism, higher education, nonprofits and real estate.

We pride ourselves in helping to define the Long Island business community with our monthly events where we recognize past, present & future leaders…30 Under 30, 40 Under 40, Top 50 Women, to name a few. We appreciate all of you and know that we at LIBN live, work and thrive in the community where your business is our business.

However, today, like yesterday and unfortunately tomorrow, we are in a very different world. Everything seems surreal as we pause during this COVID 19 pandemic. Take yourself back a year ago. This was never a part of anyone’s plan.

Personally, I never thought I would be a part of the LIBN family. Today as I navigate the news, and its effects on our community, I like you, pause and realize that no matter how strong, how rich, how educated you are nothing matters more than staying home and keeping safe.

Our very busy, robust lives have come to a screeching halt. We suddenly find ourselves surrounded by a new normal, our work spaces are our kitchen tables and our colleagues are now our children, spouses, partners or fur babies… when will the old normal return? And when it does, what will it look like?

I have experienced loss during this time as well. Learning about friends near and far who have died because of this heinous virus. I attended my very first Zoom memorial service. Yes: A memorial service on Zoom where we could pay our respects to the family and listen to each other’s revered memories. It was so strange. Yet, I suppose another new normal.

As a female leader in our community, as well as a single mom, I am faced with many of the same challenges all of you are. Leader by day, parent by night, trying to figure out a solution to something that I have absolutely no control over. I am busier than ever in the office, something, I am extremely thankful for.

And just like that, I went from being out nine-times a week to being home every night. It’s a huge adjustment for me and my kids. Not to mention our dog, Daisy, who has never had so much love, attention or walks.

Something else has changed. Normally I am at the gym at 5 a.m. Now, at the first sign of dawn I head out my door for a power walk.

Take this time to rebuild, recharge, reconnect and most importantly, reset.

The best thing I can do for my team and for my family is to lead by example. And that’s the best we all can do. Please stay home and stay safe.