The Girlfriends Club started as an online community to celebrate and recognize the bonding power of the sisterhood of girlfriends to share secrets, and stories, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Our core value is to “pay it forward…one girlfriend at a time.”  Now that our community has grown to over 30,000 social media followers, it is time to bring The Girlfriends Club experience offline with the launch of a live event “Girlfriend2Girlfriend”.

The inaugural conversation “Girlfriend2Girlfriend” to take place with Michelle Gadsden-Williams, who is an award-winning global diversity expert, activist, philanthropist, and the Managing Director and North American Inclusion and Diversity Lead at Accenture. Michelle will be sharing her “girlfriend story” related to her book called, Climb – Taking Every Step with Conviction, Courage, and Calculated Risk to Achieve a Thriving Career and a Successful Life.